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Scottoiler Louis Special Edition + 125 ml chain oil

Цена: 23 508,00 ₽
Бонус: 470
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Scottoiler Louis Special Edition + 125 ml chain oil Scottoiler Louis Special Edition + 125 ml chain oil В наличии
на складе
23 508,45 ₽
Бонус: 470
  • Scottoiler Louis Special Edition + 125 ml chain oil

    Discover the Scottoiler *eSystem - Louis Edition*, the electronic automatic chain lubricating system with 30 ml oil reservoir. If you haven't got a lot of space on your motorbike, you can install the *eSystem LE* electronic chain oiler as discreetly as you like. And you can get it at a super price! This system is the perfect choice.

    The electronic Scottoiler kit uses an electromagnetic pump to ensure that oil drips onto the drive chain at a constant rate or dynamically regulated to suit the ambient conditions. This means your chain has a permanently renewed lubrication film. Centrifugal force acting on the chain when you ride your motorbike presses the oil evenly into every link, so your chain is always kept perfectly lubricated.

    The Scottoiler *eSystem LE* with display and 30 ml oil reservoir gives you lots of installation options. The *eSystem LE* can be mounted on almost any motorbike, and can stay in place permanently.
    The reservoir is compact enough to install just about anywhere, and works in any inclined or horizontal position.

    • Say goodbye to lubricating your chain manually. And you won't need to adjust the slack so often, either.
    • Extends chain life by up to 7 times
    • Increases engine power by up to 2 kW
    • Saves fuel
    • Easy to install and does not affect the motorbike's electrical system
    • For model-specific instructions, see "Links to this product" below.
    • Dynamically adjustable flow rate between 20 and 180 seconds enables you to respond to changes, e.g. rain, at the push of a button while on the move.
    • Oil level sensor - indicator flashes when oil level is low
    • External temperature sensor

    Comprises: Display; REP (reservoir with electronic pump); delivery tube with injector; multiform dispenser, brackets for display and REP; battery cables (for connecting display and REP); 125 ml Scottoil

    Two operating modes:
    1) Constant flow rate - the pump always delivers the same amount, so the system operates independently of temperature
    2) Movement sensor control - the system only lubricates when your motorbike is moving and the engine running

    The display indicates:

    • Drip rate in seconds
    • Oil level in the reservoir
    • Low oil level warning
    • Temperature in °C
    • Acceleration in g-force
    • Clock

    Model-specific installation instructions (motorcycles and quads/ATVs) can be found under "Further product info" (Links to product).

    Installation instructions:
    Simply connect the cables of the Scottoiler *eSystem LE* system to the positive and negative battery terminals and plug into the REP (reservoir with pump unit). There's no need for any complicated wiring of the speedo or switch, or to take off pulses. The system's integrated electronics are derived from MotoGP technology in which a sensor registers the movement of the motorcycle. The REP (reservoir with electronic pump) holds 30 ml.

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