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Rollei Gimbal Go for smartphones

Цена: 8 349,00 ₽
Бонус: 167
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Rollei Gimbal Go for smartphones Rollei Gimbal Go for smartphones В наличии
на складе
8 349,32 ₽
Бонус: 167
  • Rollei Gimbal Go for smartphones

    For many vloggers and influencers, the smartphone has become their most important tool for recording, editing and posting their photos and videos. Using a suitable gimbal can significantly improve the quality of dynamic filming, in particular. The Rollei Gimbal *Go* is the perfect choice.

    This useful accessory, with its different operating modes, will help you to capture perfect images even in the craziest situations. With radii of 360° via the swivel axis, 310° via the rolling axis and +/-165° via the tilting axis, the Rollei Gimbal *Go* reacts extremely quickly to your movements. In addition, the Rollei Gimbal *Go* features integral wireless induction charging, which makes it even more versatile.


    • For smooth hand-held video footage shot with your smart phone
    • Photos and videos in portrait format, perfect for Instagram & Snapchat
    • Stabilisation on 3 axes and 640°
    • 4 operating modes (Pan, Pan/Pitch, Lock and All Follow)
    • Operation via integrated joystick
    • 4 functions (Up, Down, Right and Left)
    • Lightweight, compact design
    • Free smartphone app for iOS and Android to download
    • Axes: Swivel 360°, Roll 310°, Tilt +/-165°
    • Run time: up to 10 hours
    • Power supply: rechargeable lithium-ion battery, 2200 mAh
    • Dimensions: 307 x 113 x 113 mm
    • Weight: 472 g

    In the box:

    • Gimbal
    • Case
    • Tripod
    • USB cable
    • Operating Instructions

    Good to know:
    The Rollei Gimbal *Go* films not just in the usual landscape format, but also allows you to take pictures in portrait format - perfect for Instagram, Snapchat etc. You control the gentle, smooth movements using the sensitive joystick. The free Rollei app for iOS and Android provides additional functions such as zooming in and out with the ergonomically positioned rocker switch, starting photo and video capture, reliable face recognition, panorama mode and automatic subject tracking. For spectacular time lapse films, you even have three different functions at your disposal: Apart from conventional static time lapse, you can also choose Motion Time Lapse for dynamic pan shots, while Track Lapse mode allows simultaneous movement of camera and subject. To avoid the frustration of having to interrupt a long, power-consuming outdoor shoot because your smart phone battery has run out, a fully-fledged 4,000 mAh power bank is integrated into the Rollei Gimbal *Go*. Yet it still only weighs a modest 472 g. The floating tripod can be positioned securely on the accompanying mini tripod. The 1/4" connection on the base ensures secure attachment to a wide range of compatible tripods. The second 1/4" thread, on the side, can be used for installing optional accessories, such as LED lights, microphones etc., while the sturdy case provides protection against wind and weather and also damage during transportation. Of course, a compatible USB charging cable and detailed instructions are also included. The padded clamping jaws are suitable for all current smartphone models up to a 6" screen diagonal and a maximum weight of 200 g.

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