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    Two parts = one secure hold for your mobile phone/smartphone on the handlebars of your motorbike. This is the Tigra Sport FitClic Neo *U-FITGRIP* motorbike kit. More precisely: this kit/set consists of the FitClic Neo *U-FITGRIP* universal mount for handlebars with Ø 22 mm, 25 mm, 28 mm and 32 mm diameter. In no time at all and very conveniently, your device is mounted or dismounted within direct reading range. All you need to do to mount your mobile phone with or without a case is to hold your FitClic Neo case or U-TAG close to the mount. The system does the rest with the smart combination of small magnets on the connector. And once locked, the holder can only be released by turning the lever on the holder. All this with just one hand.

    FitClic Neo *U-FITGRIP* universal mount:

    • Industrial-grade stainless steel springs deliver 120 kpa of holding force to secure your mobile phone to the mount
    • the *U-FitGrip* is padded on all sides with soft thermoplastic to increase grip and protect your phone from impact
    • fits all phones and phablets up to 105 mm wide
    • removable rigid mount at the bottom with rechargeable spring-loaded adjustable arm to fit phones of different lengths
    • removable, flat silicone SafetyNet on the top protects the phone in a worst-case scenario while keeping the kit looking clean
    • SafetyNet simply folds down to the bottom of the cradle when not in use
    • 16 mm vertical clearance fits even the toughest waterproof phone cases on the market
    • all parts are made of engineering plastics to ensure maximum reliability and durability
    • sleek and minimalist design blends well with your gear when not in use
    • works with all FitClic Neo mounts
    • can be detached from the mount to allow easy switching between different devices
    • Dimensions: 61-145* x 66 x 35 mm (* 145 mm is the total length when both the top and bottom mounts are attached)
    • Weight: 98 g
    Motorbike mount:
    • 17 mm aluminium ball head for ultimate security
    • Ball joint designed for adjustment while riding
    • high-precision threads and oversized tightening knob ensure smooth adjustment
    • with spacers for Ø 22 mm, 25 mm, 28 mm and 32 mm handlebars
    • narrow design of the mounting base requires only 19 mm lateral clearance for mounting
    • mounting base made of technical plastic with stainless steel inserts
    • with Goof-ProofTM lock for added security
    • works with all FitClic Neo housings and *U-TAG*.
    • weight: 90 g
    Scope of delivery:
    1 x FitClic Neo *U-FITGRIP* universal bracket
    1 x ball head handlebar mount

    Please note:
    The FitClic Neo products ensure that your mobile phone is securely attached to your motorbike. They also protect it from bumps and shocks. However, some mobile phone models have sensitive components that can be damaged by movements and vibrations while riding. Therefore, use such a device at your own risk.

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