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Suomy X-Wing Subatomic, cross helmet

Цена: 17 293,00 ₽
Бонус: 346
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Suomy X-Wing Subatomic, cross helmet Color: Black/Red/White Size: XXL Suomy X-Wing Subatomic, cross helmet Color: Black/Red/White Size: XXL XXL В наличии
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17 293,32 ₽
(23 826,00 ₽)
Бонус: 346
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    Suomy X-Wing Subatomic, cross helmet

    Article No.: 11072707

    X-WING is the direct descendent of MX SPEED, the helmet used by Suomy Riders in the best off-road categories.

    X-WING is a new generation helmet, equipped with ADT-Advanced technology that guarantees high resistance to the impacts.

    Thanks to its dynamics and performing shapes, it’s the perfect first adventures mate for tomorrow’s jumpers.

    Adjustable peak, wide air intakes, optimized to work in symbioses with protective polystyrene and inner to offer the best ventilation. Double D-Ring and removable lining features make X-WING the best helmet for young off-road lovers.

    X-WING come with bright and dynamics graphics, this is a trendy urban helmet, perfect for scooters and super moto.

    • Shell in ADT Advanced Thermoplastic, built in two sizes
    • Protective Polystyrene in two sizes
    • Four air intakes
    • Removable, washable and replaceable inner lining and cheek pads
    • Double D-Ring
    • Adjustable peak
    • Mask fit
    • Weight: 1250 gr. ± 50 gr.
    • Homologation ECE 22.05


    Shell is made of ADT-advanced, a mix of thermoplastic resins with high resistance to crashes.
    The X-Wing shell is produced in two sizes: M and L.

    Protective Polystyrene

    Internal Polystyrene liner is realized in three sizes (S, M and L) to obtain a better ergonomics and a variable density. This characteristic allows a gradual and progressive absorption of the power produced by the impact.

    Even if the bigger part of the energy created by the impact is absorbed by the external shell, thanks to its deformation, the role of Polystyrene is crucial for the absorption of the residual power.

    A different density of the polystyrene allows to optimize the mechanical performance of the shell-polystyrene, ensuring the maximum level of absorption in all areas of the helmet.


    The air intakes have been developed to improve the comfort inside the helmet. The air flow is channeled through 4 air intakes in the front.
    The internal polystyrene liner has been designed to work in symbiosis with the air intake in the external shell. Particular channels, obtained in the polystyrene, allow an optimized airflow and a quick exhaust of the hot air from the spoiler.


    Inner lining and cheek pads are removable, washable and replaceable.

    Hypoallergenic, to minimize allergic reactions
    Made in precious bi-elastic fabric with specific fibers that offer the following characteristics:
    Rapid transport of moisture
    Maintaining optimal temperature
    Light, soft and breathable fabric

    Retention system

    Light alloy “Double D-RING” retention system.


    The peak has an elongated, protective profile and it is easily adjustable to multiple positions without using tools.

    Goggle fit

    The perimeter of the window is designed to offer a wide field of vision and at the same time provides a comfortable housing for the most ‘different types of motocross goggles.


    Please be aware, as long as nothing else is written in the item description:
    • All helmets will be delivered only with the ECE certification by default, even if it is shown differently.

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