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Kellermann Atto® Integral DF, 3in1 rear light/turn signal

Цена: 11 081,00 ₽
Бонус: 222
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Kellermann Atto® Integral DF, 3in1 rear light/turn signal Black Clear Kellermann Atto® Integral DF, 3in1 rear light/turn signal Black Clear В наличии
на складе
11 081,40 ₽
Бонус: 222

  • Kellermann Atto® Integral DF, 3in1 rear light/turn signal

    Article No.: 11076084


    The Atto® DF Integral is the first recessed light from Kellermann that can be completely integrated into the fairing or other components. The slim sleeve thereby disappears almost seamlessly and thus enables the absolute "clean look" when customizing.

    Behind the extremely small and sensationally bright Atto® DF Integral hides an optical and technical all-rounder: With a light area that fits four times on a 1 cent coin, it disappears optically almost completely in the rear!

    In action, the Atto® DF Integral shines but with the legendary intensity for Kellermann products - because not the size, but the luminosity is crucial! Blinker, taillight and brake light warn with an uncompromising luminosity and keep the following traffic at a distance!

    Kellermann's renowned HighPower LED technology** together with the proven EXtranz® - Extreme Optical Transparency Technology create optimized light control in a sophisticated system of lenses and reflectors, enabling this sensational luminosity with truly minimal size.

    The Atto® DF Integral can be combined in many ways with other variants of the Atto® series or even other series.

    The complete electronics of the Atto® DF Integral are located inside the housing, so that the Atto® DF Integral can be operated directly on the 12 volt mains supply.*

    To protect the Atto© DF Integral from possible thermal overload, a heat sink is provided in the form of an optional screw-on fin sleeve.

    *Electronic accessories may be required to regulate the flashing frequency.
    **Combination of the IC controlled Longlife Protection Guard® circuit with high-power LEDs of the latest design

    ECE-approved for rear
    • Completely new design possibilities
    • Replace the existing taillight / brake light and turn signals
    • Sensational, new rear optics
    • EXtranz® - Extreme Optical Transparency Technology
    • Kellermann HighPower LED Technology
    • Longlife Protection Guard®, IC controlled, 330kHz clocked
    • High quality metal housing
    • Suitable for 12 Volt DC vehicle electrical systems
    • Design protected throughout Europe
    • With M5 x 0.5 x 6.5 mm mounting thread
    • Approx. heat sink dimensions: 24.5 x 8.9 mm
    • Functional features:     Turn signal, brake light, tail light
    • Attachment:     Installation article
    • Mounting thread: M5 x 0.5 x 9.5 mm
    • ECE approval:     Motorcycles
    • DC wiring systems: 12 V
    • Length (without thread/fixing): 13.2 mm
    • Surface appearance: black
    • Technology: LED
    • Ø max.: 8,9 mm
    • Lens color: clear
    • Delivery: single

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