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Shoei GT-Air II MM93 Collection Road, integral helmet

Цена: 69 781,00 ₽
Бонус: 1 396
Рейтинг поставщика
Наименование Размер В наличии Цена / Бонус В корзину / Отметить
Shoei GT-Air II MM93 Collection Road, integral helmet Color: Black/Grey/Red Size: XS Shoei GT-Air II MM93 Collection Road, integral helmet Color: Black/Grey/Red Size: XS XS Нет в наличии 69 781,67 ₽
(100 883,51 ₽)
Бонус: 1396
Shoei GT-Air II MM93 Collection Road, integral helmet Color: Black/Grey/Red Size: S Shoei GT-Air II MM93 Collection Road, integral helmet Color: Black/Grey/Red Size: S S Нет в наличии 69 781,67 ₽
(100 883,51 ₽)
Бонус: 1396
Shoei GT-Air II MM93 Collection Road, integral helmet Color: Black/Grey/Red Size: M Shoei GT-Air II MM93 Collection Road, integral helmet Color: Black/Grey/Red Size: M M Нет в наличии 69 781,67 ₽
(100 883,51 ₽)
Бонус: 1396
Shoei GT-Air II MM93 Collection Road, integral helmet Color: Black/Grey/Red Size: L Shoei GT-Air II MM93 Collection Road, integral helmet Color: Black/Grey/Red Size: L L Нет в наличии 69 781,67 ₽
(100 883,51 ₽)
Бонус: 1396
Shoei GT-Air II MM93 Collection Road, integral helmet Color: Black/Grey/Red Size: XL Shoei GT-Air II MM93 Collection Road, integral helmet Color: Black/Grey/Red Size: XL XL Нет в наличии 69 781,67 ₽
(100 883,51 ₽)
Бонус: 1396
Shoei GT-Air II MM93 Collection Road, integral helmet Color: Black/Grey/Red Size: XXL Shoei GT-Air II MM93 Collection Road, integral helmet Color: Black/Grey/Red Size: XXL XXL Нет в наличии 69 781,67 ₽
(100 883,51 ₽)
Бонус: 1396
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    Shoei GT-Air II MM93 Collection Road, integral helmet

    Article No.: 11077188

    Pinlock lens included

    Sporty touring helmet Shoei GT-AIR II - riding fun in all conditions

    The SHOEI GT-AIR II full-face helmet is the ideal companion on motorcycle trips and long tours.

    The integrated sun visor ensures optimum visibility under changing light conditions, while the excellent ventilation ensures a pleasant climate inside the helmet.

    Thanks to interchangeable pads, the helmet can be adapted to different head shapes.

    With the stainless steel micro-ratchet closure, its chin strap can be closed and opened quickly and comfortably.

    The optional SENA® SRL-2 communication system provides information and entertainment while riding. It can be easily, quickly and almost invisibly integrated into the helmet shell.

    • Shock absorbing helmet shell made of AIM
    • Multi-part polystyrene core system of different damping levels
    • Anti-fog CNS-1 Pinlock® visor
    • Stainless steel Micro-Ratchet System
    • E.Q.R.S. safety system (Emergency Quick Release System)
    • Homologized according to ECE 22.05

    The outer shell of the SHOEI GT-AIR II, made of AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix), combined with a polystyrene core system composed of several elements of different absorption capacity, provides optimal impact protection.

    The standard clear CNS-1 visor with a large field of vision can be changed without tools thanks to a quick-change mechanism.

    The anti-fog PINLOCK®EVO lens included with the helmet ensures unclouded vision even in adverse weather conditions.

    The chin strap with micro ratchet closure is comfortable to use and perfectly adjustable.

    In an emergency, the cheek pads can be easily removed using the EQRS system (Emergency Quick Release System) for gentle helmet removal.

    Wearing comfort
    • QSV-2 sun visor
    • Helmet outer shells in 3 sizes (XS-M/ L/ XL-XXL)
    • 3D molded center pad
    • Cheek pads in different thicknesses (31, 35, 39, 43 mm)
    • All pads removable, washable
    • Ear pads
    • Prepared for SENA® SRL2 communication system

    With 3 different outer shell sizes (XS-M | L | XL-XXL), the SHOEI GT-AIR II allows for an optimal helmet to rider size ratio.

    Its relatively low weight relieves the neck muscles and thus reduces the fatigue effect, whether in sporty short-distance use or on extended tours.

    The head padding, which is distinctly contoured in the interests of efficient ventilation, the three-dimensionally pre-shaped cheek pads and the chin strap padding are fully removable and washable. Head and cheek pads are available in different thicknesses to customize the helmet. Removable ear pads in the ear area effectively contribute to noise reduction.

    The integrated, high-quality QSV-2 sun visor of the SHOEI GT-AIR II is continuously extendable. It has been enlarged compared to the sun visor of the predecessor model and can be easily replaced without tools by an optionally available yellow-tinted visor with contrast-enhancing effect. This additional visor thus ensures optimum visibility for a wide range of uses and weather conditions.

    Recesses in the ear area as well as prepared cable guides and installation positions for the device parts allow for easy and quick installation of the SENA® SRL2 communication system available in SHOEI's accessories range.

    • Multiple ventilation and exhaust
    • Inlets on forehead & chin
    • 2 outlets at the back of the head
    • New visor click position

    Multiple ventilation inlets and exhaust outlets reduce the temperature and humidity inside the SHOEI GT-AIR II. Even when used in warm travel countries or in the cold season, this ensures a pleasant climate inside the helmet, providing the wearer with sufficient fresh air.

    The revised visor louvre of the SHOEI GT-AIR II with a reduced first louvre step allows a gap-width opening of the visor and thus an extra supply of fresh air.


    An integrated spoiler enhances the aerodynamic performance of the SHOEI GT-AIR II.


    Visors are available for the SHOEI GT-AIR II in a variety of different tints and mirror coatings, which can be used in compliance with ECE homologation guidelines.

    The helmet is equipped with a CNS-1 type visor as standard. All visors of this type available from SHOEI's range of accessories can be fitted with anti-fog PINLOCK®EVO lenses, one of which is included with the helmet.

    The integrated, heavily tinted sun visor of type QSV-2 can be exchanged for a yellow-tinted variant with a contrast-enhancing effect.

    SHOEI's range of accessories also includes cheek pads and head pads in various sizes and thicknesses to replace the original pads or to customize the helmet. Also a chin strap pad, a breath deflector and a chin wind deflector.

    The SENA® SRL2 communication system from SHOEI's range of accessories can be used in SHOEI GT-AIR II. It offers, after coupling with a cell phone, a navigation device or other intercom devices, the possibility of information and entertainment while driving.

    Scope of delivery

    Included with the SHOEI GT-AIR II is a PINLOCK®EVO lens for use in the standard CNS-1 visor, matching replacement pins, and a small maintenance tool helpful in installing the SRL communication system.

    Also included are a breath deflector and chin wind deflector, SHOEI logo stickers, an original SHOEI helmet pouch for gentle storage of the helmet, and a silicone oil to care for the visor seal and mechanics.

    In the helmet manual as well as in the brochure "Correct use of your helmet" you will find valuable tips for the use, maintenance and care of the SHOEI GT-AIR II.

    AIM outer shell (Advanced Integrated Matrix)

    The Shoei helmet shell is a three-dimensional structure made of several layers of glass fibers and organic fibers - the so-called Advanced Integrated Matrix. The organic fibers reinforce the glass fibers and optimize weight.

    The structure is bonded by an unsaturated, thermosetting polyester resin. This resin acquires its desired properties during heat curing: high elasticity and resistance. This technology allows a helmet shell characterized by high strength with low weight.

    The AIM helmet shell is designed to distribute the forces acting during an impact over the helmet shell. The outer shell and inner core may show damage, but the rider's head is afforded the greatest possible protection.

    Heavy, hard outer shells do not have this property and transfer the energy of an impact to the inside of the helmet without reduction. The outer shell may be undamaged, but the rider suffers head injuries. This is especially true of helmets designed to resist penetration by sharp objects.

    Two factors determine the perceived weight of a helmet: the real weight of the helmet and the dynamic weight caused by wind pressure and acceleration.

    In the event of an impact, the real weight is decisive for the acceleration forces acting on the neck.

    The heaviest part of a helmet is the helmet shell. Because the helmet shell is also the part that is subjected to the most stress during a fall, the requirements for a lightweight helmet shell are complex.

    Shoei's vast experience in processing fiber composites has enabled it to develop the extremely strong yet lightweight AIM and AIM+ helmet shells.

    Polystyrene core with different densities

    Every Shoei helmet sold in Europe has an inner shell adapted to the European head shape.

    The combination of several styrofoam elements in different densities provides effective impact absorption.

    • The upper part of the inner shell is softer than the outer part.
    • The relatively hard outer part of the inner shell increases the absorption capacity in the event of an impact.

    This technology was developed and patented by Shoei.

    Styrofoam has very good shock absorption properties. However, there is one drawback: if the Styrofoam core is compressed by an impact, it will expand back to its original size after a considerable amount of time. It looks intact, but by no means achieves the same shock absorption properties as before.

    This is also the reason why Shoei does not test helmets after an accident. It is impossible to judge whether the helmet is still safe.

    Wearing comfort and fit

    The shape and material of the pads play an important role in the comfort and fit of the helmet.

    • The material that touches the rider's skin is critical to comfort.
    • The fit of the helmet affects how well the helmet holds the rider, especially at high speeds.

    In the past, these requirements often played against each other. Thick, soft pads provided good comfort, but the helmet did not have a good grip at high speeds.

    Shoei has taken its own approach to designing the padding. The helmet's styrofoam core is molded close around the rider's head. This allows thinner pads to be used. These are produced in a complex process from several layers of polyurethane foam in different hardnesses or by a three-dimensional cut from a block.

    The result offers high comfort and a perfect fit, even at high speeds.

    The closure system

    Currently, Shoei offers two different closure systems for the chin strap, depending on the helmet model.

    The double-D system is mainly used in Shoei's "sporty" helmets. This system is mandatory for racing helmets. It offers the greatest reserves in the event of a fall.

    Shoei's more comfort-oriented helmet models are equipped with a Microrat system. Unlike most other systems, the Shoei micro-ratchet system has a stainless steel locking mechanism. This ensures maximum safety in addition to comfort.

    The Shoei Visor System

    All Shoei visors are injection molded from polycarbonate. This guarantees a clear and distortion-free view.

    The visor protects against small foreign bodies and absorbs 99% of of UV rays.

    The non-mirrored visors have a scratch-resistant coating.

    All current visors are equipped with Shoei's Q.R.B.P. system, which allows easy change without tools.

    Test ratings
    • "Very Good" - Motorrad 11/2019
    • "Test Winner" - Motorrad 11/2019
    • "Recommendation" - Tourenfahrer 06/2019
    • "Test Winner" - PS 07/2019


    Please be aware, as long as nothing else is written in the item description:
    • All helmets will be delivered only with the ECE certification by default, even if it is shown differently.
    • all helmets that have a visor will be delivered with a clear visor, even if it is shown differently.

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