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AGV K1 S Izan, integral helmet

Цена: 26 136,00 ₽
Бонус: 523
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AGV K1 S Izan, integral helmet Color: Orange/Neon-Yellow/Blue/Black Size: XS AGV K1 S Izan, integral helmet Color: Orange/Neon-Yellow/Blue/Black Size: XS XS В наличии
на складе
26 136,92 ₽
(33 398,76 ₽)
Бонус: 523
AGV K1 S Izan, integral helmet Color: Orange/Neon-Yellow/Blue/Black Size: S AGV K1 S Izan, integral helmet Color: Orange/Neon-Yellow/Blue/Black Size: S S В наличии
на складе
26 136,92 ₽
(33 398,76 ₽)
Бонус: 523
AGV K1 S Izan, integral helmet Color: Orange/Neon-Yellow/Blue/Black Size: M AGV K1 S Izan, integral helmet Color: Orange/Neon-Yellow/Blue/Black Size: M M Нет в наличии 26 136,92 ₽
(33 398,76 ₽)
Бонус: 523
AGV K1 S Izan, integral helmet Color: Orange/Neon-Yellow/Blue/Black Size: XL AGV K1 S Izan, integral helmet Color: Orange/Neon-Yellow/Blue/Black Size: XL XL В наличии
на складе
26 136,92 ₽
(33 398,76 ₽)
Бонус: 523
AGV K1 S Izan, integral helmet Color: Orange/Neon-Yellow/Blue/Black Size: XXL AGV K1 S Izan, integral helmet Color: Orange/Neon-Yellow/Blue/Black Size: XXL XXL В наличии
на складе
26 136,92 ₽
(33 398,76 ₽)
Бонус: 523
  • AGV K1 S Izan, integral helmet

    Article No.: 11078267

    K1 S is the AGV sport helmet for everyday riding challenges. Born from the AGV racing technology, ready for every road experience. The aerodynamic shape, racing-developed front air vents and wind-tunnel-tested spoiler maximize performances and give stability at higher speed. The anti-scratch visor ready for Pinlock® anti fog allows a wider vertical and lateral field of vision. Comfort is nocompromise with Dry-Comfort soft and removable interiors. Competition is a matter of facts.

    • High Resistance Thermoplastic
    • 2 shell sizes (XS-MS; ML-XXL)
    • 4-density EPS developed in 4 sizes
    • Collarbone safe profile
    • 5 front vents
    • 2 rear extractors
    • Adjustable air vents
    • Integrated spoiler
    • Dry-Comfort fabric
    • Fit especially designed to allow wearing glasses
    • All parts are easily removable and washable
    • Removable nose guard
    • Removable wind protector
    • Ready for generic communication system
    • 190° horizontal field of view
    • prepared for Pinlock
    • Anti-scratch
    • Multistep visor mechanism
    • Patented Extra Quick Release System
    • Micro-opening system
    Retention System
    • Double-D Ring
    • 1.500 gr. in first shell size
    • ECE 22-06

    Safety is not enough

    Every AGV helmet has to excel in terms of protection, performance and comfort. Beyond regulations and what’s expected, attention to every detail is an obsession, one that stretches the meaning of perfection ever further.

    That’s how Extreme Safety came into being. This exclusive AGV design protocol ensures the ultimate balance of all components through the manufacturing processes, choice of materials and functional design. The end product outperforms certification requirements, because every helmet has to pass tests that are even more demanding.

    Setting new safety standards, not just following them: that’s how legends are made.

    Shock Absorption

    Impact protection is one of the most stringent Extreme Safety assessment criteria.

    AGV helmets are designed to outperform homologation requirements and offer a higher level of safety. AGV ensures this by performing tests that subject them to much greater stress than certifying bodies.

    The most stringent legislation requires an impact test at 6 different points with a velocity of 7.5 m/s. AGV helmets are tested at up to 15 different points, including the visor, with a velocity of 8.5 m/s.

    The end result is G* and HIC* value measurements indicating up to 50% higher protection than the thresholds required for ECE homologation.

    • *G - This is the measurement of the force transmitted to the head in an impact. It indicates the shock absorption capacity of a helmet: The lower the value, the higher the helmet's absorption capacity, resulting in less force being transmitted to the rider's head.
    • *HIC - This is the value of the force transmitted to the head in an impact, measured over a time duration that simulates a real fall. This test is used to assess the probability of possible brain damage following an impact. The lower the HIC value, the higher the helmet's protective capacity, resulting in increased safety for the rider's head.

    Impact Areas

    To measure shock absorption capacity, the most stringent legislation in the world requires an impact test at 6 defined points on a helmet, excluding the visor, with a velocity of 7.5 m/s.

    The AGV Extreme Safety protocol requires testing of up to 15 points at a velocity of 8.5 m/s.

    This ensures that superior protection is guaranteed all over, not just in specific points, including the visor.

    Side Protection

    We’re obsessed with designing the smallest possible visor mechanisms. It’s not about aesthetics.

    The visor mechanism can’t be covered by the shell or EPS liners, making it a weak point in the event of impact. At the same time, a very small mechanism allows a visor that’s wider at the sides to be fitted, thus increasing peripheral vision and the ability to see obstacles and potential dangers that could affect the bike.

    AGV helmets have visor mechanisms up to 70% smaller than the market average. Safety is not a detail. Every detail makes the difference.

    Collarbone Safe Profile

    AGV was born out of the world of racing, where speed and extreme conditions make safety even more crucial, so that champions can get past both each other and their own limits.

    AGV invented a special collarbone safe profile now copied by many in racing. It allows a considerable reduction in the risk of the helmet injuring the collarbone in the event of impact. This solution created for the track is now available to every rider on the lookout for perfection.

    Face Protection

    Visors on AGV helmets are up to four times as thick as an average standard visor. They are an integral part of the helmet’s protective system, not a weak point but a shield against impact.

    Safety in Shape

    In more than 70 years of experience at the highest levels of world competition, we’ve seen the difference that can be made by a helmet that’s aerodynamic and stable even at high speeds, which minimizes neck fatigue.

    That’s why we were the first to design shaped helmets fitted with aerodynamic appendages to cut through the air. This performance upgrade takes absolutely nothing away from the safety. AGV spoilers are designed to detach or break in a controlled way in case of impact. This allows a spherical shape to be maintained when and where necessary, limiting the energy generated by impacts.

    Ultravision - Peripheral Vision

    Unhampered vision allows complete control. AGV takes the blinders off helmets.

    The smaller visor mechanisms and shape of the shell do away with a limitation common to most helmets on the market. AGV helmet construction allows peripheral vision up to 190°.

    This amazing achievement lets you see what’s happening at the edges of your visual field earlier and better: obstacles, corners, vehicles, the competition. Control means safety and confidence.

    Vertical Vision

    Professional riders know better than anyone else that, when you’re tucked in, your eyes need to be directed upwards to see what’s going on around you. In that position, the top edge of the helmet is a limitation on the visual field, often a very dangerous one. Many use handmade solutions to raise the helmet, so that safety takes second place.

    AGV helmets are designed to guarantee a greater vertical visual field than an average helmet, optimized according to the riding position associated with the helmet type, be it racing, sport or touring. This decision increases performance and control, to look beyond obstacles in safety.

    Visual Quality

    Visors are curved lenses, which can create distortions that result in mental fatigue at the level of the brain and compromise performance, just like a bad pair of glasses.

    AGV helmet visors are in Optical Class 1, the highest possible. This guarantees that reflection and distortion are eliminated, for greater visual quality. Using an Optical Class 1 visor means that your brain receives accurate visual information. Clarity and depth of vision means concentration, precision and quick reactions.

    Safety is also in the eye of the beholder.

    Aerodynamic Stability

    The wind determines the shape.

    The wedge-shaped chin is designed to reduce drag and cut through the air. The aerodynamic appendages stabilize the helmet at high speeds and shift the turbulence beyond the rider. Be it touring, sport or racing, every AGV helmet is designed in a wind tunnel, for stability and so that riders can be confident in all their most extreme riding conditions.

    Dynamic Weight

    Studying different shapes in a wind tunnel makes it possible to reduce the weight of a helmet according to the speed at which it moves through a fluid like air.

    Z-lift – the tendency to push up or down in motion – can be used to offset a helmet’s static weight so that it literally floats.

    In addition to their extremely low weight, AGV helmets exploit this principle to reduce neck fatigue while riding. For example, the K6 is already lighter at 90 km/h. At 160 km/h, the Pista GP RR is weightless.


    Reinventing ventilation seemed like an impossible task. We did it by taking into consideration the speed of the air passing through the helmet, not just the amount.

    The front air vent – a distinctive feature of AGV helmets – exploits the point of the helmet where the impact of air flow is greatest to generate high intake pressure. The ducts on AGV racing helmet chinguards, as on the Pista GP RR, increase the intake air volume in the lower part of the helmet, enhancing comfort and ventilation even in extreme conditions.

    Venturi Effect

    The Venturi effect makes a great contribution to ventilation.

    AGV helmets are designed to generate low pressure in the rear extractor area, producing a vortex effect that increases the speed of transition from inside to outside of helmet exponentially, enhancing heat transfer.

    Superior Comfort

    AGV interiors are made using extremely high-quality materials, developed for the smoothest and most comfortable helmet fit possible. All AGV helmets are designed to absorb sweat and moisture extremely quickly, to ensure maximum comfort and concentration on the road.

    The leather or fabric outer profiles are water repellent so that the inner lining doesn’t get wet even in extremely heavy rain.

    Research into materials

    It isn’t enough to choose refined raw materials and advanced components. Every component, every mechanism and every detail is designed to be as effective as possible in concert with the others and provide the very best performance in all conditions. So using carbon fiber in the shells and titanium in the double D fasteners, both light and highly resistant, makes it possible to adopt metal alloy air vents. They’re heavier but definitely tougher than the classic plastic vents. This means that the helmets always have the very lowest weights in their categories.

    This is the real essence of AGV. This is the authentic perfection of obsession.


    Please be aware, as long as nothing else is written in the item description:
    • All helmets will be delivered only with the ECE certification by default, even if it is shown differently.
    • all helmets that have a visor will be delivered with a clear visor, even if it is shown differently.

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