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Цена: 38 254,00 ₽
Бонус: 765
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Бонус: 765

    Sena 10S - Bluetooth Headset
    (dual set with removable wired and boom microphone)

    The 10S is the brand new middle class Bluetooth communication system for bikers from Sena.

    You can communicate with up to three other riders over a range of up to 1.6 km, reliably and with crystal-clear HD audio quality.

    The Sena Smartphone App (available soon) allows you to configure the device settings (e.g. by entering a group of biker friends for the hands-free intercom) and to take a look in the quick-start guide. Simply pair your mobile phone with your 10S headset and execute the Sena Smartphone App. You can then enter the settings direct from your smartphone.

    The 10S supports Bluetooth audio recordings for the Sena Bluetooth audio package for GoPro and the Sena Prism Bluetooth action camera. In this way, two or more people can give their spoken commentaries, and these are reproduced in HD quality via hands-free intercom.

    The Sena 10S delivers HD-quality sound, which is clear, precise and pleasant to listen to in every situation. The integrated audio booster offers optimal sound quality, even in loud surroundings, and you can enjoy enhanced sound at all levels thanks to the advanced sound technology. A dual microphone is also available. One microphone is mounted inside the helmet for the hands-free intercom, while the second mike is for the clamping unit, enabling you to hear surrounding sounds without having to remove your helmet. The dual microphone provides a useful extra function for the rider and enhances the riding experience.

    Universal attachment with clamping and/or adhesive mount plus the replaceable wired and boom microphone mean the S10 can be used with virtually any helmet, whether jet (open-face), flip-up or full-face.


    Intercom connection (requires at least two SENA S10 units):

    • Bike-to-bike intercom for up to 4 bikers in conference with a max. range of 1600 m
    • Rider-to-pillion intercom

    Mobile phone connection:

    • Voice-activated call answer and reject (Vox technology) - so you never need to take your hands off the handlebar
    • Voice-activated call function and dialling (mobile phone must support voice activation)
    • Telephone conference with an intercom partner is also possible
    • Facility for simultaneous connection to two mobile phones

    Sat nav connection:

    • Connection to compatible Bluetooth GPS sat navs (requires Bluetooth headset profile) for listening to navigation directions (e.g. Garmin zumo, TomTom Rider)

    Other features:

    • Enhanced HD audio voice transmission
    • Full duplex connection: simultaneous communication in both directions via intercom connection
    • VOX function for hands-free intercom and telephone calls
    • A2DP Bluetooth Stereo protocol for wireless hi-fi stereo connection to A2DP-compatible mobile phones or MP3 players
    • AVRCP function - for remote control of music playback (Play, Pause, Track forward, Track back) with compatible mobile phones or MP3 players
    • Individual volume adjustment for each audio source
    • Noise-cancelling and echo-reducing digital signal processor
    • Jack socket for connecting an MP3 player by cable
    • Rider and pillion passenger can receive the same audio sound track (e.g. from MP3 player) via A2DP
    • Menu status announcements and voice control for optimal menu guidance
    • Smartphone App (Android and iOS) for controlling and configuring the SENA 20S headset
    • Software update via USB port (requirement: PC with Windows XP, 7 or 8 or Mac OS)
    • Sturdy and weather-resistant
    • Talk time: 12 hours
    • Standby time: up to 10 days
    • Device can still be used while it is charging


    • 2 x Sena 10S - control unit
    • 2 x Clamp mount with removable wired and d-boom mike and stereo speakers
    • 2 x Adhesive pad mount (alternative to clamp mount)
    • 2 x USB cable
    • 2 x Stereo connecting cable (with jack plug)
    • 4 x hook-and-loop stickers for attaching the speakers in the helmet
    • 2 x Hex key
    • Instructions for Use

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