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Nexx X.R3R Ghost, integral helmet

Цена: 56 619,00 ₽
Бонус: 1 132
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Nexx X.R3R Ghost, integral helmet Color: Matt-Black Size: XXS Nexx X.R3R Ghost, integral helmet Color: Matt-Black Size: XXS XXS Нет в наличии 56 619,36 ₽
(79 865,28 ₽)
Бонус: 1132
Nexx X.R3R Ghost, integral helmet Color: Matt-Black Size: XS Nexx X.R3R Ghost, integral helmet Color: Matt-Black Size: XS XS В наличии
на складе
56 619,36 ₽
(79 865,28 ₽)
Бонус: 1132
Nexx X.R3R Ghost, integral helmet Color: Matt-Black Size: S Nexx X.R3R Ghost, integral helmet Color: Matt-Black Size: S S Нет в наличии 56 619,36 ₽
(79 865,28 ₽)
Бонус: 1132
Nexx X.R3R Ghost, integral helmet Color: Matt-Black Size: M Nexx X.R3R Ghost, integral helmet Color: Matt-Black Size: M M В наличии
на складе
56 619,36 ₽
(79 865,28 ₽)
Бонус: 1132
Nexx X.R3R Ghost, integral helmet Color: Matt-Black Size: L Nexx X.R3R Ghost, integral helmet Color: Matt-Black Size: L L В наличии
на складе
56 619,36 ₽
(79 865,28 ₽)
Бонус: 1132
Nexx X.R3R Ghost, integral helmet Color: Matt-Black Size: XL Nexx X.R3R Ghost, integral helmet Color: Matt-Black Size: XL XL В наличии
на складе
56 619,36 ₽
(79 865,28 ₽)
Бонус: 1132
Nexx X.R3R Ghost, integral helmet Color: Matt-Black Size: XXL Nexx X.R3R Ghost, integral helmet Color: Matt-Black Size: XXL XXL В наличии
на складе
56 619,36 ₽
(79 865,28 ₽)
Бонус: 1132
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    Nexx X.R3R Ghost, integral helmet

    Article No.: 11080670

    Uncompromisingly sporty, with an impressive design and the ultimate technology from modern motorsport.

    The new X.R3R is made for the most demanding conditions and emotions on the race track. A real winner.

    • X-MATRIX 2 shell (Multi axial glass fibers, organic 3D fibers, special aramid fibers and carbon reinforcement)
    • Shell sizes: 3 (XXS-XS | S-M | L-XL-XXL)
    • Shatterproof clear PC-Lexan visor with double safety system
    • Visor quick release system
    • Double rubber sealing profile in the visor area
    • Anti-vibration plates on the visor
    • Visor prepared for Pinlock
    • Flat visor is prepared for use of Tear Off
    • Panorama visor opening
    • Double D-ring closure with X-Lock magnetic button
    • Removable chinstrap cover
    • Reflectors for better visibility
    • X.MART DRY fabric
    • Soft inner lining made of sweat-resistant and anti-allergic fabric
    • Adjustable overhead fit system, removable and washable
    • Cheek pads with adaptable size
    • Cheek pads with emergency harness system
    • Chin wind deflector
    • Aerodynamic shell
    • Racing spoiler
    • Rear spoiler extension
    • Aerodynamic fairing
    • Air Dynamic System - 6 air intakes and 4 air outlets
    • Air Cumbs air chambers
    • Speed Flow ventilation system on the chin
    • Removable breath deflector
    • Emergency harness V2
    • X-Lock System
    • ECE/22-06
    • 1650 gr. +/- 50 gr.


    Motorcycle racing is all about speed, and aerodynamics play a crucial role - because every extra kilometer per hour can mean the difference between winning and losing.

    The aerodynamically optimized X.R3R lightweight shell design not only reduces drag, but also optimizes air mass flow to cool the interior.

    Considerable steps have been taken to optimize the aerodynamic efficiency of the X.R3R's shell, visor, spoilers and vents.

    The prerequisite for a good design in the field of aerodynamics is a development process in the wind tunnel.

    However, testing begins virtually on a PC, with virtual CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analyses that allow better and more informed decisions.

    These results are then verified through wind tunnel testing, 1:1 scale testing with a motorcycle, and road tests that check the helmet's aerodynamic performance at different angles and riding positions.

    Efficiency and performance

    An aerodynamic helmet that focuses on speed improves ventilation and offers a range of safety features.

    Every detail of the outer shell and external components is designed to reduce drag and ensure maximum performance.

    At the same time, drag is reduced and air mass flow is optimized to cool the interior. Air is directed specifically to the rear through the roof and crosswind ducts, where it increases the efficiency of the new racing spoiler concept.

    A clear racing-style spoiler extension can be fitted to improve stability at high speeds. This bolt-on rear spoiler extension features a breakaway design for maximum safety.

    0-160 Km/h = 0 gr. weight

    The complex aerodynamic concept of the X.R3R is designed to maximize its performance, with 0 gr. dynamic weight at 160 Km/h.

    Feeling of freshness

    On the race track, the last thing you want to worry about is the heat on your head. The Aero-tested X.R3R ventilation system promotes airflow through the helmet from front to back.

    With six air intakes and four outlets for ventilation - you have full control over how much airflow you get into the helmet to keep your head as cool as possible, due to the pressure, on the trail.

    X-Mart Dry fabric

    All parts of the liner, including the neck roll, are removable, washable and feature X-Mart Dry technology - a soft and specially treated fabric that helps keep you cool, dry and comfortable, and dries twice as fast as regular cotton.


    Thanks to the Aero design, the visor significantly reduces wind noise by allowing optimal airflow over your face.

    The X.R3R's comprehensive soundproofing concept includes vortex generators in the chin area to reduce drag and lift, and a double rubber sealing profile around the visor designed to improve noise isolation.

    Anti-vibration visor plates

    The special anti-vibration rubber visor plates are designed to absorb vibration and distribute it evenly to the nominal size. They are perfect for reducing noise levels and preventing the transmission of vibrations to the adjacent structures of the visor.

    Visor retention system

    The Visor Retention System, with its spring-loaded base side plates, automatically adjusts and retracts the visor against the double-lip lens beads to ensure a perfect, airtight seal.

    Visor Lock System

    The double visor lock system prevents unexpected sudden visor opening and is easy to operate even when wearing gloves.

    Clear view

    Vision can enable better and faster decisions on the track.

    That's why NEXX developed X-Sensus Vision, our philosophy behind the vision aperture on all of our helmets, which provides both focused vision and peripheral vision - with aperture angles that exceed standard requirements by 15%. More importantly, it keeps your head and body from getting in the way of your goal!

    With a horizontal field of view of 225º and a vertical field of view of 85º, the 2-dimensional molded visor is made of unbreakable PC-Lexan, optical class I and scratch resistant, ready for the attachment of tear-offs.

    ONE visor for all situations

    Transitions® Smart Light visors automatically change the ideal tint for each lighting condition, making them clear at night and smoky in high light, for a safe and comfortable ride day or night. Available as an optional accessory.

    Interior designed for racing

    The XR3R's modular interior is a unique approach to high-speed comfort and stability. It allows customization of the central padding and cheek pads for a perfect fit to most head shapes. All internal parts, including the thick bolster, are removable, skin-friendly (anti-allergic and anti-bacterial properties) and without seams in sensitive areas.

    With the X.R3R's flexible crown adjustment system, the top of the head pad can be slid forward and backward to achieve a consistent 360° fit and eliminate pressure points for maximum comfort and protection - with up to 6 adjustment options.

    Fine-tune the cheek pads

    The X.R3R cheek pads are equipped with a special inner pocket that acts as an adaptive system and can be fine-tuned to the racer's preferences.

    This system makes it easy to add a range of different thickness foams to achieve a tighter fit in the cheek area, resulting in a balanced, secure and agile helmet on the track.

    For further ease, it is reversed so that the cheek pads can be returned to their original shape at any time.

    Heat reduction

    The innovative Air Cumbs provide unparalleled interior comfort. The X.R3R's head padding, sewn with a special alveolar mesh, creates a fresh air chamber between the EPS liner and the padding.

    The gradual release and distribution of fresh air over the entire head area creates a longer feeling of freshness with controlled temperature and relative humidity.

    The X.R3R's multi-density EPS liner system is designed to allow fresh air to flow unimpeded through channels created in 5 different zones to provide optimal protection for key areas around the rider's head.

    ECE 22.06 homologated

    Welcome to a new era of safety.

    X.R3R has the new ECE 22.06 homologation, which includes new tests with higher speeds, more impact points and improved impact absorption capacity, as well as additional requirements for features such as retractable chins and visors.

    X.R3R will also undergo the FIM Racing Homologation program required to compete at the international level, including MotoGP, for 2022.

    Emergency Strap System V2

    Emergency Strap System V2, integrated into each cheek pad, allows trained medical personnel easy and gentle access to an injured rider's head.

    X-Lock System

    The entire X.R3R collection features a MotoGP-standard double D-ring and an X-LOCK magnetic button that simplifies final fastening.

    Removable chinstrap cover

    The chinstrap cover is removable and washable for greater comfort and cleaning after extreme use on the track.

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